Gail Ann Williams

gail-laughingHi. I’m Gail Williams. I often try to remember to add in my middle name, to be more specific.

Williams is an exceptionally generic name in my county, and I share my first name with some remarkable Williams women in other fields.

So let’s call this disambiguation: I’m the one from the San Francisco Bay Area, first known for satirical theatre, then involved in photography, writing and online community management. (Managing complex online social networks is sometimes nearly an oxymoron, so obviously work has been very interesting at times!) You may know me as gail on The WELL, as gailwilliams blogging elsewhere, or as fotogail on Flickr and Vimeo.

Currently I am offering planning, consulting and project management services to clients who work with community and content. I am also an associate editor at Celebrator Beer News where I write about the craft beer industry. Contact me at info [at] or leave a message at (415) 633-6036 to find out if we should be working together to create excellent community and creative experiences.  Just figuring that out together will be fun.

Like so many people, I now have bits of information scattered all over the Web. This page may serve as an anchor point with links to some of my very different projects and turns at navel-gazing.

Check out for the usual resume and recommendations features.

Becoming gail@ well — my original home page — was my first hand-coded simple HTML play space from the early days of the web. The WELL’s been a beloved conversation space and online home since 1990. I was part of The WELL management from 1991 through 2012, when the service was finally sold to a group of community members by

I am now working with the new management group on a series of projects there. If you see me post over there, I’m talking for myself, only. That old home page of mine is mostly a gesture for history, and is not much different than when I first started it. It shows a breathless optimism that has been tempered a bit, but never lost, even in the face of bouts of fierce skepticism. (I should delete some of the broken links there.)

articles and items, such as a Wikipedia entry

is where I blog and comment on social networking and community issues every once in a while.

is a San Francisco craft beer by mass transit reference site and blog I do with my husband. We also write for The Celebrator Beer News together.

and a little bit of playing around on this videosharing site.

Just for fun, is another place where I post words as well as images, play with their selection of social networking tools and collaborate visually.  Since the changes at Flickr I have not been there much, but some of the collections – like the tag “uma” in my stream – still please me.

Here’s more about that blast from the deeper past, The Plutonium Players. Long before Stephen Colbert, we were  — this was a spoof that took our little troupe on the road, performing for 12 years together.

Psst…looking for the “proverbs”? This is my old tip sheet for moderators and community builders.