Hi. I’m Gail Williams. Gail Ann Williams.

I write and consult in the realms of Community, Conversation and Craft Beer.

Currently I am offering planning and project management consulting services to clients who work with community and content. I love to collaborate on visions and strategies on a short-term or check-in basis.

In addition, I offer media relations services working in specific journalist communities, such as outreach with SF Beer Week in the Northern California brewing community.  Helping small breweries tell their stories hits the Venn diagram bullseye for several of my passions.

Contact me at gail [at] gailwilliams [dot] com or at (415) 633-6036 to explore whether we should be working together to create excellent community experiences and creative content.  Just figuring that out together will be worthwhile and eye-opening.

Like so many people, I now have my story scattered all over the Web. This page is meant to be an anchor point more than a catalogue of services.

What about The WELL?  The WELL is a beloved conversation space that has been an online home since 1990. From the social design to software evolution to moderator training, I had several roles in The WELL management (including serving as the Director for a dozen years), until 2012, when the service was finally sold to a group of community members by the former owner, Salon.com. Through 2016, I continued with the new management group, The Well Group, to complete a series of projects there. I am still a community member.

is a San Francisco craft beer by mass transit reference site and blog I founded with my Steve Shapiro. We have collaborated to freelance for Celebrator Beer News, Beer Advocate, Beer Paper LA, CraftBeer.com and other publications. Over recent years, we have won journalism awards from the North American Guild of Beer Writers for four collaborative articles.

Recently we launched Beer Currents, our brand for stories beyond the BART footprint and into the general beer conversation.

Here’s a link to that blast from the deeper past, The Plutonium Players. Long before Stephen Colbert, my troupe became  — this was a spoof that took over our comedy show and took us on the road.  

Here’s a short Wikipedia entry highlighting a few of these things I’ve done.

Contact me. Let’s do something great.